Hello Blogging World!

Greetings blogging world!  I am Ross Nishio and a new, first year student, at the University of Oregon.  Being new to a university is not the only thing I am new to, I am also new to the blogging scene!  This blog should be the first of many, hopefully interesting and engaging blogs.  Although I am new to blogging, I feel I have the ability to not only write a high quality blog, but keep my readers engaged in my blogs as well.  When I first found out that my journalism class would be blogging,  my first impression was honestly a little bit apprehensive.  I thought I would be completely inexperienced in this subject.  But I soon came to find that I am actually around blogging most every day of my life, and quite interested in it as well.  I see blogging on social internet websites that I log onto daily like MySpace.com and facebook.com.  A lot of my friends blog and I have written similar type of blogs as well. 

            I see blogging as a way of socializing via the internet.  It has its pros and cons.  Socializing by blogging is much more convenient than going out of your way to meet people in person or using your phones.  It is simply within hands reach to your nearest computer.  I also find it interesting that many people tend to be more open and willing to talk about more things when online than in person.  This really gives the blogger the ability to express what they really want to express without the lingering feelings of embarrassment and other emotional distresses.  Socializing and interacting with others is an important part of life.  It keeps people up to date with current events and increases social skills that really can enhance one’s life.  It can help in the future with job opportunities, and more importantly can help you keep the respect that many people have hidden inside.   Many people are surprised by what their social skills that they have bottled up inside of them.  It is a common problem when people have the ability to socialize, but are scared to open up; therefore, hiding to themselves their true social ability.  All of these benefits have led me to be extremely excited to begin blogging. 

            As I stated earlier, although I am new to this blogging scene, I hope to find a way to keep my viewers engaged and interested in my topics.  Remember, I am here to begin a new trend of socializing, so join me with my new quest! 


Comment Policy:

I don’t care much about the comments I get for these blogs as long as they aren’t disprespectful, or hateful.  Try to stay away from cursing.  I don’t mind honest comments that disagree with my blog, but I do not approve of disrespectful comments.  I want you all to be honest, so that I can learn from everyone.  Thanks!





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