Alternative Media

            In our last class session, we learned all about alternative media.  Alternative media is different from mainstream media in that it has different goals.  Alternative media’s goal is not to earn profit, but to inform the audiences about ideas.  They seek a broad, non elite audience.  Alternative media is not aiming to sell audience to advertisers for revenue like main stream media does.  In turn, they want to make change, not business.  After comparing these two types of media, I found interesting distinctions.

            The first site that used alternative media that I visited was  This site, Wiretap, has media covering a very broad range of topics.  It ranges from Youth Activism to Sex and Relationships.  I personally looked into the Youth Activism, and the War and Peace categories.  In the Youth Activism section I read up on an article about fighting poverty.  In this article they fought poverty with a green economy.  A lady by the name of Emily Kirsch founded a bay area organization called Ella Baker Center’s Green-Collar Job Campaign.  In this Bay Area group they find ways of working to reduce pollution and dependence on fossil fuels.   They believe that in turn, it may reduce poverty.  The creation of new green jobs give more opportunity for the public and the unemployed.  

            I found that this story about fighting poverty with green jobs was a lot more alternatively projected.  It concentrated more on ideas.  They fall away from the rest of the mainstream media by aiming away from advertising, and giving the public the chance to believe what they want to believe.  This alternative media article seems to care more about the situation at hand than profit and financial issues. 

            I also read  upon a couple articles from Democracy Now!  On this site I read an article about fifteen people that were arrested outside of the presidential campaign.  In this article, college kids were arrested for supposedly striking when told to leave by the police.  They did not respond to authority.  The outcome came to have multiple injured, and some even unconscious due to brutal police force. 

            Again, this article seemed to portray the scene in the reality, giving the audience a chance to think what they want to think about the situation.  I thought this was a good article to read on because it deals a lot with opinion.

            Both websites had good alternative media that I found, quite honestly, to be more interesting than mainstream media.  Alternative media seemed to be more down to earth, and spoke in languages that all types of audiences could understand.  The interviews gave audiences a better understanding of the situations and gave a broader spectrum of view.


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