White Gold’s Branded Community

             For our third participation blog post, our class was to explore an online branded community and reflect on it.  In our last class session, we looked into a couple online branded communities, one being www.whitegoldiswhitegold.com/.  I found this online branded community to be interesting, so I decided to choose it and write about it. 

            I messed around on this website for a while and came across a lot of interesting gadgets, and links, to say the least.  When u first enter the site, it gives the sound of a static amplifier while it loads.  I found that interesting in that it grabs the viewers attention with a unique intro to the website.  Of course, the whole site is based off of the color white, because of the milk they are advertising.  It keeps the audience thinking nothing other than milk and uniqueness.  The website also makes random sounds when nothing is being touched to make sure that the viewer is still paying attention to their page.  I feel that the goal of this website is to be so extraordinarily unique that it keeps their company’s image in their mind’s as much as possible.  That is a common strategy that promoters use to keep their consumer’s awareness of the product as high as possible. 

            I personally found this site extremely engaging, simply because it was odd, to be honest.  It is like our professor said, “If you miss a question, you are more likely to remember it in the future”.  In this case, the question I missed was the website and how I have never seen anything advertised like that, and I am more likely to remember what is being advertised, milk.  The makers of this website made it even more engaging with flamboyant music, images, and colors.  It keeps the viewers that much more interested in clicking that next link. 

            After looking through almost the entire website, I can not say that it has affected my attitude and actions towards the milk product, but it has definitely put its image in my mind, and I am planning on remembering that image for a long time to come.  To me, it did not make a large affect on my decisions of whether or not I will buy that product over its competitors.  It did, on the other hand, tell me that they do put a great amount of effort into making the public aware of their product in a great way.  But who knows, maybe someone else out there took it a different way, and will decide that this website was just that extra push they needed when making their decision at their local market.


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