Video Game Censorship

Recently, censorship has become an extremely controversial topic in today’s media.  Censorship is the exclusion from consciousness, usually to material that can cause harm our damage to people’s conscience.  Censorship can be used over a broad range of things such as movies, drawings or paintings, music, and many other categories. I am researching censorship in video games.  Video games are now one of the most argumentative categories of censorship.


With today’s rapid increases in technology, the gaming industry has become one of the fastest growing entertainment industries in the world.  With faster processors, and better graphics, gaming consoles are getting better and better, quickly.  Along with better graphics, comes more clear pictures that are not always child proof.  The pictures are often so clear that you can see every drop of blood, every trigger on guns, clear pictures of strippers and drugs, and other types of things that are not made for children to see.


 One of the more famous games is “Grand Theft Auto”, which is infamous for it’s gory violence, drugs, prostitution, vulgar language, and stealing of cars.  As one would expect, this causes a lot of controversy and argumentation.  Parents, of course, spark a lot of anger with these games because video game consoles main target are children.  Many people believe that kids that play this game and have fun doing the violent acts will, in turn, go out and do the same things in real life.  They may do these things thinking it is the “cool” thing to do, or because they do not even know they are doing the wrong things.  


I personally believe that censorship is not a necessary action for video games.  Video games have ratings like “mature”, making it illegal for people under a certain age to buy these games.  Of course, consumers find ways around that, and simply have their peers buy the games for them.  But, I think that the game ratings are enough for censorship on video games.  The video game companies set their laws, and if the public decides to take their chances against the law, then that is their choice.  From there, it is the parents, or guardians of the children to make sure their kids are not playing games they should not be playing.  


I feel that the ratings on the games are simply to warn the consumers that there is some adult content in the game.  The ratings give a sense of security to both the consumers and producers.  Without the ratings, the consumers may argue even more about the censorship.  Again, the argument is that younger kids who often play these games, will use what they see in the game, in their own lives.  I do not believe that this happens often, if even at all.  If they happen to go about using these acts in their own lives, it is the fault of the families that they are in.  The parents should take control of their kids and make sure they are not doing these things.  Video games are a big part of kids childhood and can keep them happy and lively with all of their other things they are obligated to do.  Without free time where kids can express themselves in a fun way, it would take harder tolls on more important things, like schoolwork.  I do not feel it is fair to punish the innocent children who enjoy playing these video games without any problem.  It is up to the victims that do act on the violence to fix their own problems.


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