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Visual Analysis Writeup

Should the United States put in a greater effort to make college more affordable?

College Affordability Campaign

This video is about a campaign group who is in the process of trying to make college more affordable for Americans.  This campaign group consists of many students who are struggling to pay for their college tuitions.  Some of them have student loans to pay for college, and many of them worry about being in debt after college.  Many of them feel that they won’t be able to pay off their student loans.  In this video these campaigners hope to achieve lower interest rates on their loans and to increase pell grants.  These people are real life students and college seekers and it shows the reality of college.  This video shows that even if a student meets all the standards for college, they are sometimes only held back due to finances.  This video gives off a sense of emotion to those who have trouble affording college.  It shows that a lot of Americans have high dreams they want to pursue but know they need a college degree to achieve it.

Barack Obama On Education

This video is on Barack Obama’s perspective on education.  In this video he talks about what we need to do to make our education more prosperous.  He states that not only is college affordability important, but so is education at younger ages.  He says that we must have better early childhood education to better prepare the children of America for school.  He says we must also raise the pay for teachers so that we can have high quality educators for the students of America.  For college, Barack Obama speaks about how many Americans can be up to $60,000 in debt after college.  In order to make college more affordable we need to strip out subsidies, create money for grants, and make a loan forgiveness program.  Barack Obama talks about how too many Americans are struggling to pay for college.  He wants every single American to have the opportunity for academic success in higher education.


College Affordability Timeline

Making College Education More Affordable


1636 – The first institution of higher learning, Harvard, was founded.  Founded 16 years after the arrival of Pilgrims at Plymouth.

1643 – Ann Radcliffe established the first scholarship at Harvard.

1901 – Joilet Junior College was the first junior college founded.

1965 – The Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) was established to deliver and administer guaranteed education loans for students and their families. 

1972 – The Federal Pell Grant Program was established.  These grants do not have to be repaid.

1970-1980 –Male college enrollment rates dropped from 32% to 26%.

1990-2003 – Male college enrollment rates increased from 32% to 38%.

2008 – Barack Obama and Joe Biden propose to provide $25 million annually in matching funds for states to develop the Early Assessment Program.  This program enables high school students and families to find out if they are on track to be ready for college when the time comes. 

2009 – Barack Obama proposes the American Opportunity Tax Credit.  This is a fully refundable program that will make the first $4,000 of college fees free to most Americans.

2005-2010 – College costs increase nearly 40%.

5 Links

This is a blog post from Stanford University’s “The College Puzzle”.  This blog talks about how the Early Assessment Program is offered in English language arts and what it means for student participation in the program.

This is a post on how The American Opportunity Tax Credit can make college more affordable for most Americans.

This is a video article on how a student from Syracuse University cannot afford college because of increasing prices of college tuition.

This is an article about a Burmese student who receives a scholarship to study in the United States.  It was her dream to study in the US and the scholarship made it possible.

This is an article that demonstrates how Barack Obama’s Pell Grants can help students afford college.



These links demonstrate how Obama’s proposals and ideas for making college more affordable work in the real world.  These links also show the harsh reality of how many Americans cannot afford college.  The first link relates to the Early Assessment Program and how real students use it.  The second link is an article on how Obama’s American Opportunity Tax Credit can make college more affordable for college seekers.  The third link relates to my timeline by demonstrating a student who struggles to go to college due to increased college costs.  The fourth link is a story about a real student who receives a scholarship to study in the US.  Her dream is only possible because of her scholarship.  Finally, the fifth link is an article that demonstrates how Pell Grants can help students afford college.  Obama is proposing Pell Grant Opportunities as shown on my timeline.


President Obama believes quality education is vital to reaching the American Dream.  With higher education for America’s citizens, the economic future of America can have a better shot at success.  With education we can also eliminate poverty levels because it can help spur the job market.

In order to achieve these goals we need to work on America’s higher education.  More specifically, President Obama would propose funding programs for student financial aid programs, and Obama’s American Opportunity Tax Credit.  This is a fully refundable program that will make the first $4,000 of college fees free to most Americans.